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Tern Storm Box

Tern Storm Box
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When combined with the Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive, weather-protected bucket. Two weather-resistant lids let you easily switch between carrying kids and hauling cargo. The water-resistant and lockable Cargo Lid protects your stuff from rain and prying eyes, while the Kid Lid cinches tight to keep little ones warm and cozy, even on bad-weather days.

- Carry two young kids (in or out of child seats)
- Carry up to 160lbs of cargo
- Compatible with both the Clubhouse+ Flatbar and the Child Seat Expansion Bar
- Includes a Kid Lid to help keep young passengers warm and dry
- Includes a Cargo Lid to protect cargo from precipitation and prying eyes
- Catches mittens, sippy cups, teddy bears, and anything else that falls from little hands while riding
- Add the Storm Shield (not included) for even more weather protection
- Requires Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks on the GSD Gen 2

Part Numbers

812741025897 80201 210000003526