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About us

The story

More as an electric bike shop. - A garage, a vision and passion seem to be main ingredients to start a successful business. As Bill Gates did when he started Microsoft and so Mark and his family too in 2010. Out of their garage they began selling electric scooters with the vision to offer something that help people commute quicker and cleaner in the area of Metro Vancouver.

Soon after they started, more and more people were asking about electric bikes and therefore they added their first electric bike, a «VeloMini». Mark still has one of the first prototypes of this bike which shows his passion for what he's doing. His original idea was to run an online business, but as a result of they got too big too fast, Mark turned it into a full electric bike shop. At this time all the manufacturer where calling them up and want them to carry their bikes too because at this time none of the regular bike shops was interested in selling electric bikes. Therefore Mark took the momentum to open up his first Cit-E-Cycles shop in Richmond BC.

Space is becoming short

While not even open for one year, in 2011 the Richmond location could not provide the needed space anymore. Consequently Cit-E-Cycles moved their Shop to Surrey were today they are still serving their customers. Caused by continuing growth and the need to serve customers close by, Mark was looking for a place to open up a second location late in 2014. Therefore in March 2015 the second Cit-E-Cycles shop in Kitsilano Vancouver opened their doors, focused on electric bicycles only. Finally in less than 6 month the Vancouver location outsold the Surrey location.

We're expanding

Portrait Mark Cit-E-Cycles

Mark understood this as a sign for the need of alternative transportation in bigger cities like Vancouver where road capacities are maxed out and people get stuck in traffic. Furthermore another strong demand Mark got aware of is the need of an older generation, and people with disabilities or health issues looking to either stay or getting back in a good healthy state by start cycling. The only challenge this people facing, they can't go for long distances or they're not able to climb steep hills, which depending on the area they live in, can be a big obstacle to ride a regular bicycle.

To meet the needs of these wide range of use, Mark was continuing adding new brands to always having the perfect bike ready for any customer who walks into one of his shops. Mark always has also the courage to kick out bikes or bands who didn't reach a certain level of quality, as a result Cit-E-Cycles is selling only quality brands as "we want to stay 100% behind our products we sell", Mark says.


In fall of 2017 while Mark's shop manager in Vancouver decided to move to Victoria, together they thought of opening a third Cit-E-Cycle location in Victoria. While planning for Victoria was still going on, Mark stepped into another opportunity to opening a shop in Langley. After months of decision making, looking for the perfect location to serve customers, and to fit out the new shops, in March 2018 the Langley shop and in April 2018 the Victoria shop opened their doors to serve people like you to find their perfect electric bike, to service electric bikes and to answer all questions about electric bikes you may have.

Check us out either in person in one of our shops or on the phone by calling 1-855-577-7900 (toll free), we would love to serve you in any kind!

The passion

It has always been and it's still, to serve you with our knowledge and passion to select the perfect electric bike, to answer all your questions and any time to service your bike with excellence. Our professional Cit-E-Cycles staff is experienced and well trained in all the electrical and mechanical parts of all our bikes we sell.

If you browse our online store or visit us in person at one of our retail locations you will see our range of rides is wide, from comfort bikes, urban bikes, touring bikes, hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes, fat bikes, folding bikes up to cargo bikes. We carry all major brands from North America and Europe under one roof and will give you the opportunity to find the electric bike of your dreams. Our customers are free to try out all of our products for themselves before they make their decision.

Riding an electric bike is fun and exercise combined. To always have this experience you can count on Cit-E-Cycles with its full service shops on all our locations. We stand behind the quality of our products and we service what we sell. At Cit-E-Cycles we always take the time to carefully inspect every electric bicycle and electric scooter before they leaves one of our shops.

It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about electric bikes or scooters, or if you're experienced we love to meet you in person at one of our locations or on the phone to answer you questions or to share thoughts about our passion - e-bikes, and we would love to welcome you one day in the Cit-E-Cycles family to share great memories on riding our e-bikes.

For more info about us and for any question you may have call us toll free at 1-855-557-7900.

The Feedback

They are awesome!

Mark and his staff are awesome. Their customer service was great. They were very helpful with my purchasing of my Morotino XPD. Thanks again for the great service!

Steve Maion Customer

Got The Perfect E-Bike

Three years and this store is going strong. Todd is friendly and goes the distance to answer questions and help you get the perfect e-bike for you. I recommend taking your friends along!

Christine Bruyere

Good selection of bikes and great service

Ask for Jamie, he will go out of his way to help with all your electric bike needs. Good selection of bikes and great service. Try the pie shop in the next block also...

Andy Shaw Customer

Meet Mark back then in 2015