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EWind Fold-It

EWind Fold-It E-bike

The Foldit 205 is one great Electric Bike. Where can I begin describing its power? First off it’s powered by a 350 watt brushless high hub motor along with a very powerful 36V-11AH lithium polymer battery. This beast can take you up to 32 km/h through the traffic, wherever it is you are going. So you can rest assured that you can get to places if required urgently.

And most notably; yes, it’s foldable! And everyone knows that there are numerous advantages of folding electric bikes. Take it easily with you (and lightly too) where ever you decide to cruise and stop by on your motor powered bike. Perfect to store and keep in compact and small spaces! Powerfully convenient if you ask us (no pun intended) You won’t have to miss a class in the morning or that meeting with clients, just because you were stuck in traffic. Available in Yellow, Red and White colors, this bike is great for people of all ages.

Equipment Description
Engine Size 350 watt brushless high hub motor
Engine type Lithium Polymer
Battery Cycle 900-1000
Range 70km+ depend on usage
Max Speed 32KM/H
Climb Ability 25 degree +
Tire front 26×1.96 Kenda City Tire
Tire rear 20×1.96 Kenda City Tire
Suspension rear (inch) 5 cent a day $1.5 per month
Battery 36V-11AH
Net Weight (lbs) 30