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Motorino Electric Scooters logo

Motorino electric scooters are the primary form of transportation due to their higher reliability, affordability, environmental impact, flexibility and freedom and low cost maintenance support from dealers. Motorino started offering wide roadside assistance to all MOTORINO customers in North America, exclusively free to all new purchases and at a very reasonable price to existing Motorino customers.

Motorino XMl E-Scooter

Motorino XMl MSRP $5450

The Motorino XMl elevates the Motorino brand to a whole new level. This bike has already made it to the European market under the Super Soco brand... Read More

Motorino XPi E-Scooter

Motorino XPi MSRP $2450

MOTORINO XPi looks like a bike from the future. It is elegant, sexy and undoubtedly electric. This bike will turn heads wherever it goes... Read More

Motorino XMb E-Scooter

Motorino XMb MSRP $2690

The first time you look at this bike, your reaction probably will be: “This is electric??... No way!!!” The Motorino XMb looks like a motorbike... Read More

Motorino XMr E-Scooter

Motorino XMr MSRP $2690

Motorino XMr brings a new flavor to our Motorino selection. It encompasses the utility of a scooter with the modern styling and more enjoyable... Read More

Motorino Xpd E-Scooter

Motorino XPd MSRP $2550

The The Motorino XPd is a unique scooter released in early 2011, upgraded to 60V in 2015, and has proved to be one of the best-selling XP models... Read More

Motorino Xph E-Scooter

Motorino XPh MSRP $2450

The MOTORINO™ XPh is one of the longest of the XP line of scooters with a low seat and center of gravity... Read More

Motorino XMa E-Scooters

Motorino XMa MSRP $2550

The Motorino XMa’s compact size and performance is equivalent to a sports version of a sedan car. It catches the eye with its sleek body... Read More

Motorino XMs E-scooter

Motorino XMs MSRP $2550

The Motorino XMs looks like a hybrid between a scooter and a dirt bike. Its one pivot seat supported by a monoshock ensure... Read More

Motorino Xpe E-scooter

Motorino XPe MSRP $2200

With its cheeky, voluptuous Continental styling, the MOTORINO XPe is bursting with joie de vivre. Smaller and lighter than most other models... Read More

Motorino Xpn E-Scooter

Motorino XPn MSRP $2550

With its distinctive chromed headlight cowl, bars, controls, and gauge pods, plus an elegant retro-styled body, the MOTORINO XPn has become... Read More