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Cit-E-Cycles : Leading supplier of Electric Scooters in Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Surrey, BC Area


Motorino XMl E-Scooter

Motorino XMl MSRP $5450

The Motorino XMl elevates the Motorino brand to a whole new level. This bike has already made it to the European market under the Super Soco brand... Read More

Motorino XPi E-Scooter

Motorino XPi MSRP $2450

MOTORINO XPi looks like a bike from the future. It is elegant, sexy and undoubtedly electric. This bike will turn heads wherever it goes... Read More

Motorino XMr E-Scooter

Motorino XMb MSRP $2690

The first time you look at this bike, your reaction probably will be: “This is electric??... No way!!!” The Motorino XMb looks like a motorbike... Read More

Motorino XMr E-Scooter

Motorino XMr MSRP $2690

Motorino XMr brings a new flavor to our Motorino selection. It encompasses the utility of a scooter with the modern styling and more enjoyable... Read More

Motorino Xpd E-Scooter

Motorino XPd MSRP $2550

The The Motorino XPd is a unique scooter released in early 2011, upgraded to 60V in 2015, and has proved to be one of the best-selling XP models... Read More

Motorino Xph E-Scooter

Motorino XPh MSRP $2450

The MOTORINO™ XPh is one of the longest of the XP line of scooters with a low seat and center of gravity... Read More

Motorino XMa E-Scooters

Motorino XMa MSRP $2550

The Motorino XMa’s compact size and performance is equivalent to a sports version of a sedan car. It catches the eye with its sleek body... Read More

Motorino XMs E-scooter

Motorino XMs MSRP $2550

The Motorino XMs looks like a hybrid between a scooter and a dirt bike. Its one pivot seat supported by a monoshock ensure... Read More

Motorino Xpe E-scooter

Motorino XPe MSRP $2200

With its cheeky, voluptuous Continental styling, the MOTORINO XPe is bursting with joie de vivre. Smaller and lighter than most other models... Read More

Motorino Xpn E-Scooter

Motorino XPn MSRP $2550

With its distinctive chromed headlight cowl, bars, controls, and gauge pods, plus an elegant retro-styled body, the MOTORINO XPn has become... Read More


Inokim Light Electric Folding Scooter

Inokim Light Electric Folding Scooter MSRP $1499