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Understanding Different Types of Electric Bikes

27 May, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Understanding Different Types of Electric Bikes

If you are considering the purchase of an electric bike, it is important to understand that they are not all designed for the same purposes. The bike that may be perfect for your downtown commute will probably be a mistake to take out into the wilderness. Before selecting a bike, determine what you will most often use it for and select the style of bike that best suits your needs.
Other elements that you will want to consider include your personal height and weight. A bike that is perfectly comfortable and sufficient for a woman who is 5’2” and 130 pounds will feel small and unsteady to a man who is 6’3” and weighs 250 pounds. When possible, test ride the various bike models that you are considering. A top rated bike that doesn’t feel right to you will still feel like a disappointing purchase. Of course, you must also consider your budget. A quality electric bike will cost at least $2000 and could go for over $4000. Remember that it is still much more affordable than the purchase or operation of an automobile.
Are you setting out on your quest to find the perfect electric bike? If you are a beginner or aren’t sure where to start, try this guide that can help you start with determining which style of electric bike will be best for you.
Electric Mountain Bikes
Electric mountain bikes are designed to be rugged and rough. A robust shock absorption system makes your ride as comfortable as possible while a tough motor can maintain your desired speed, even on steep inclines. The tires will be chosen for their off-road capabilities with deep grooves for dependable traction. If you participate in extreme hiking and biking in rough terrain, be certain to select a top quality bike built for those conditions.
City Commuting Electric Bikes
Riding an electric bike in the city is a great way to avoid the stress of traffic and save money on your commute. Electric bikes that are built for this purpose often have the appearance of a traditional bicycle with added safety features that are designed for visibility and protection within rush hour traffic. Lights, reflectors, fenders, and cargo space are often desirable features for commuting bikes. If you will need to carry and store your bike, select one that is also lighter in weight.
Low Priced Electric Bikes
Electric bikes are enjoying a surge in popularity but are still a relatively new technology. If you are curious about using an electric bike but aren’t ready to take a $4000 plunge, there are many affordable options that you can try. Take care when selecting an electric bike priced below $1500. While the price tag may be tempting, you are likely sacrificing quality. For a bike that is reasonably priced for a beginner but dependable, try a basic model from a reliable brand priced between $1500-2500.
Road Trip Electric Bikes
Built for a comfortable, smooth ride, cruising style electric bikes offer features that make a longer trip on paved roads as enjoyable as possible. Choose between styles that include pedaling or not, as you prefer. These types of bikes often include upright seating, wide tires, and long lasting batteries to last through all day riding.
Fold to Store Electric Bikes
Whether you don’t have much room to store your electric bike at home or you are looking for one that will fit into your boat or RV, folding electric bikes combine the advantages of riding with compact storage capabilities. The best options are lightweight and durable. Check the quality of moving parts and the sturdiness of the folding frame to ensure that you choose a folding electric bike that will last for years to come.

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