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Top 5 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

17 April, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Top 5 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are an exciting innovation that provides a fun balance between biking and driving. If your commute to work is a nightmare, consider how much more refreshing it would be in the seat of an electric bike. You get the benefits of the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair without sweating and struggling to peddle up hills. Intrigued? Here are 5 more great reasons to ride an e-bike.
1. Get fit.
Canada’s weight problem just keeps getting more serious. With an e-bike, you can confidently begin to exercise, knowing that the motor will help you keep pace when you are wearing out. Enjoy peddling and exploring town just like you did when you were a kid, except now you have a handy electric motor to back you up.
2. Save money.
Cars are infamous money pits. They are expensive to purchase, maintain, and put gas in, yet when you go to sell one you usually don’t see much return. Why spend thousands of dollars each year when you can have an e-bike that is fun to ride and extremely inexpensive to own.
3. Reduce stress.
Few people would refer to their commute to and from work as stress reducing, but it can be on the back of an e-bike. Enjoying the outdoors, avoiding traffic and parking issues, and exerting some energy can leave you refreshed and energized at the end of the day.
4. Be Earth friendly.
Regardless of how often we hear that automobiles are polluting our environment, we have a difficult time letting go of them in our car-centric society. A high quality electronic bike will tempt you away from that gas guzzling, exhaust spewing machine, and you will feel great about the impact, or lack thereof, that you are making on the environment.
5. Be a trendsetter.
As e-bike design improves each year, you can lead the pack in making an attractive e-bike as cool to have as the latest iPhone. New styles, lighter weight, and more features make the latest e-bikes exciting to own and ride.

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