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Start 2016 with an E-bike

07 January, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Every New Year is greeted by people with admirable goals to be more active, lose weight, and lead a healthy lifestyle. How to do this is the challenge. Many diets and workout programs are so extreme that those with the best intentions become disillusioned and frustrated within just a few days. In 2016, try something new: a way to increase your activity level and have fun without the disappointment. Start the New Year on a new e-bike.


Electric bikes are the ideal tool to enable people of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy cycling again. Not only are electric bikes a joy to ride and great exercise, they are amazingly energy efficient and Earth friendly. When you begin to ride your new e-bike to work or to run your errands, you can improve your health while reducing energy waste.


With a pedal assist electric bike, you can start physical activity at a pace that works for you. Use the motor of your e-bike to regulate your speed in wind, on hills, or over rough terrain. Pedal as much as you are able and let the e-bike do the rest. As your abilities and energy increase, you can pedal more and use the motor less. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you increase the range of distance you are able to cover with your e-bike as you increase the muscle that powers your e-bike!


If you are looking for a fun way to put your 2016 goals within reach, an electric bike is the perfect way to get active. On your e-bike, you can take in beautiful scenery, find hidden paths, and enjoy the great outdoors in a way that is simply not possible inside a smelly gym. Remember all the reasons you loved riding a bike when you were a kid and get ready to enjoy them all over again.


Cit-E- Cycles makes it even easier to start the New Year with a great electric bike. Our expert staff can match you up with the perfect e-bike model to fit your needs, abilities, and budget. In fact, we have a wide selection of clearance e-bikes that will help you get out on the road for even less. If you are worried about being able to afford the e-bike you are dreaming of, our clearance sale offers you some really great options.


If you are ready to test drive electric bikes, come in to Cit-E-Cycles for all the help you need to find the perfect electric bike to make 2016 the year that you meet your goals.

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