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Riding your E-bike in Winter

20 January, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


If you love your e-bike, there is no reason to give it up for the winter months. Using these tips you can stay warm and safe while you continue enjoying your e-bike throughout the year in any weather.


Prepare your e-bike.

Start the season with a good cleaning and tune up for your e-bike. Breakdowns are not fun in any weather, but you especially want to avoid them in cold and snow. Ensuring that everything is in working order will start your winter riding season right. Throughout the winter, keep your e-bike clean. Salt and ice can damage the components of your e-bike, so clean it regularly to maintain its prime condition.


Care for your e-bike battery as well to retain its charging capabilities. By storing your e-bike battery indoors where it is warm, you can get better performance from it when on the road. Studies has demonstrated that a cold battery holds approximately 30% less charge. This is especially important if you tend to drain your battery on your daily commute and 70% of your normal charge simply will not do.


Did you know you can get snow tires for your e-bike? You will be amazed at just how well a two wheel drive e-bike with fat tires and plow its way through snow. You may also choose to add studs to your winter tires. Try wrapping them with zip ties for a quick, cheap alternative.


Stay warm.

You already know that you need to bundle up when winter turns your community into a snow globe, but you will need to be particularly careful if you are going to be on the open road on your e-bike. Your speed will create wind that makes the air feel significantly colder than it already is, so it is important to cover up, wear layers, and expose as little bare skin as possible.


Start with a quality thermal base layer to retain your body heat. Wear your regular clothes over this, and top it off with a wind and water resistant winter coat. A balaclava and jacket hood are ideal for covering your face and head while maintaining your vision for safe driving. Goggles can also protect this area that is necessary to keep uncovered. Gloves are a must. Good quality gloves, and possibly two pairs. You will need gloves that are ranked well for warmth and keeping your hands dry. Also, do not forget some sturdy, warm, waterproof boots.


Be safe.

Slow down is the first rule of driving and cycling in the snow and ice. Slipping and skidding is a danger in any vehicle, so be cautious and prudent about your speed and your route. Although you may normally enjoy taking the road less traveled, a well maintained road may be a better choice in the winter.


Keep an eye out for the salt and sand that communities use to help automobiles get better traction in snow and ice. Although these are useful in those heavier, four wheeled vehicles, they can be as slippery on an e-bike as ice. Get to know your e-bike in the winter and how it reacts to different conditions. Ride with care and you will enjoy beautiful winter scenery from your e-bike.

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