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Planning a Weekend on Your E-bike

31 March, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Whether you are an e-bike road trip pro or are getting ready for your first weekend trip, these tips can help you prepare for an extended time on your electric bike. After a successful weekend e-bike trip, you will wish that you had planned to be away even longer. There is nothing quite like the freedom of being out on the road with nothing separating you from beautiful scenery and sun. Reduce stress and have fun by being well prepared.


The first step is to choose a destination. It doesn’t have to be particularly far, but somewhere new or a place with a picturesque setting is a great option. If you have never taken an extended road trip on your e-bike, start off with something that you are sure is obtainable. Setting yourself up for disappointment in the form of a depleted battery is not the way to start your weekend. Look for hidden treasures off the beaten path near your home. You may be surprised by what you find. Really want to try a destination further out? Consider starting with a bit of distance covered by car, train, or bus before hopping on your e-bike.


Since much of your time will be spent on your e-bike, plan distances throughout the weekend that are reasonable. Also, take some time to ensure that you will be comfortable with the extended time. Appropriate clothing, a comfy bike seat, and planning for the weather are mandatory.


You will be lugging around your bags everywhere you go, so pack as light as possible while making sure to take everything you need. This can be tough if you plan on camping, and you can consider using a trailer with your e-bike. If you are staying in hotels or bed & breakfasts, count on their amenities to help you bring less in your luggage. Don’t forget your emergency kit!


What else do you want to do during your e-bike weekend? Depending upon where you are headed, there may be tourist attractions, local bistros, or unique shops to check out along the way. Whether you are planning a trip filled with scenic stops or some shopping time, planning out your schedule ahead of time will ensure that you hit each of your must see locations. A schedule can help you plan to see certain spots at sunrise or sunset or simply make sure that you don’t plan lunch at a restaurant that is closed on Sundays. Extra planning always reduces your stress and increases potential for relaxation once you are on the road.


Where will your electric bike take you this weekend? We would love to hear about your e-bike road trip plans for this spring and summer!

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