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Plan Your E-Bike Road Trip

09 July, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Plan Your E-Bike Road Trip


Planning your first road trip on your electric bike may seem somewhat intimidating. After all, where do you put all that stuff that is normally stuffed into your truck and overflowing into the back seat of your car? As you may have suspected, your first step will be to simplify.


Begin by determining what type of trip you would like to take. You may choose to travel to another part of the country, slowly taking in the scenery and historic spots along the way. Maybe you are looking for adventure, taking your bike into mountains or wild terrain. As one starting out, you may even choose to simply take your e-bike with you to your vacation destination and use it while you’re there instead of your automobile. Choose the type of trip that will work for you, and then you can start planning for e-bike road trip success.


Consider your needs for stopping for supplies, recharging, and sleeping accommodations. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy rustic camping and living off the land. Just make sure you know where your next e-bike charge is coming from. A trip to another city may be a good choice for beginners because you are surrounded by resources if you discover that you need help or supplies. A test trip within your own town for a day is a good way to warm up for your e-bike road trip.


Once you have determined what type of trip you will take, you can assess what type of cargo space you will need. For day trips, you can limit yourself to a sturdy backpack or cargo area of your bike. If you are going on an extended trip, you may want to consider a bike trailer. This is similar to the trailers that parents use to pull small children behind their bike, except you will use it for packing. The fact that you are responsible for carrying or pulling along your stuff will be great inspiration for packing light.


Make sure that you check the weather reports for each area that you will be riding in and pack appropriate clothing, insect spray, rain gear, sun screen, and footwear. Since you will be exposed to the elements, paying attention to weather possibilities is essential when travelling by e-bike. You will also need to stay hydrated, but water can also be heavy. Check for stops along your route where you can refill instead of carrying your entire supply at once.


Ensure that your equipment is in optimal condition before you set out. You will set out with a fully charged battery, but also plan for where and when recharges will need to occur. If you will be in a rustic location, consider solar charging options available for your e-bike.


Planning an e-bike road trip is similar to taking a trip in your automobile in many ways. We have just grown so accustomed to car travel that it is second nature. Vacationing with your e-bike can easily come as naturally to you if you take the first big step. Use lists to stay organized and ensure that you pack everything you need. Research your destination and stops along the way to plan your stops for food, water, and recharging. This isn’t so different from planning your rest stops and gas fill-ups for your car.


Still nervous? Plan a local day trip or simple overnight for your first e-bike road trip and enjoy the difference being in the open air makes. Take in the scenery, fragrance of nature, and the slower pace of e-bike travel for a refreshing adventure that will leave you hungry for more.

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