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OHM Sport XS750 Plus 15 Review

28 September, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


The OHM Sport XS750 Plus 15 is an all terrain e-bike that will take you anywhere you want to go. If you are ready for some serious trailblazing, this is the electric bike for you. We have taken a close look at this model, so that you can make a well informed decision about your next e-bike.


For extreme cyclists who like to forge their way through snow, gravel, or other rough terrain, the XS750 Plus 15 has the stability, tire width, and powerful motor to make it happen. The 3.25” tires grip onto virtually any surface for a steady ride and provide unparalleled comfort when riding on pavement. Whether you’re heading out on your daily commute or cross country, the XS750 Plus 15 will be a pleasure to ride.


It will also get you to your destination with impressive speed. With vigorous pedaling, the XS750 has the potential to go up to 28 mph. At that speed, your e-bike commute might be quicker than driving or taking public transportation. For longer trips, the speed of the XS750 will enable you to cover more ground each day.


Since it is built for going off road, the XS750 is durable, with a robust frame and dynamic BionX D-series motor. This motor has a slim, modern design that blends in with the frame for an aesthetically pleasing e-bike. You might think that in order to get an e-bike this rugged that the weight would become a burden, but not with the XS750. Advanced frame technology keeps this e-bike strong yet light, coming in at a low 46 pounds. The hydroformed aluminum also encases wiring for a clutter free traditional style appearance.


You will be able to ride all day long on the XS750 powered by the Li-ion 48V 11.6Ah / 555Wh OHM battery. Depending upon your riding habits and the terrain, this lightweight battery can take you up to 80 miles on a single charge.


The XS750 comes in four different sizes, making it ideal for the entire family. Available sized include 16.5”, 18.5”, 20.5”, and 22.5”. In addition, you may select from a wide variety of available accessories to customize your e-bike for the type of riding you do. Choose a cargo rack for those longer trips or carrying your gear to work, and there are few limits to where you can go on this e-bike.


With a 2 year frame and 3 year BionX warranty, your investment in the XS750 is protected. Regular maintenance and care will ensure that this e-bike lasts for years to come, making miles of memories along the way.


If you are looking for an e-bike with no limits, the OHM Sport XS750 Plus 15 is the one for you. Frequently listed as a top quality e-bike in several categories, this popular e-bike does not disappoint. Comfortably ride through the city or make your own path. Wherever you want to go, the XS750 will take you there and back in style.

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