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Need to Go Farther?

08 August, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


One concern that is common among new e-bike riders is uncertainty about just how far the bike will go. Not wanting to find themselves stranded far from home, it is easy to let worry about e-bike range keep people from taking the plunge. If you would like to understand e-bike capabilities before you buy or are simply looking for ways to increase the distance you can go on your e-bike, consider these tips for going farther on your e-bike trips.


The surge of interest in electric bikes that has been occurring in recent years has encouraged amazing advances in e-bike technology. Innovations in the industry have enabled e-bike riders to go farther than ever before on a single battery charge. Not only will your battery last longer on a modern e-bike, but public charging stations are becoming the norm as electric bikes and electric automobiles gain popularity.


Many modern e-bike models are equipped with power meters that let you know exactly how much power is remaining in your battery charge. While not all electric bikes have this feature, you can consider this in your purchasing decision if it is important to you. You will find that as you become acquainted with your e-bike, you will have a good idea of your range and how much power your routine trips consume. Even without a power meter, you will be able to estimate the power you have remaining when you are out and about on your e-bike.


You can increase your range by riding efficiently. There are key ways that you can increase the range that you get out of your electric bike.


Acceleration from a stop is one of the most power sapping operations that your e-bike performs. Pedaling during this time can greatly increase the distance that you will get from your battery power. Adding a little bit of your own power to accelerating is great exercise and will help you go farther on your e-bike trip. Accelerate at a slow pace in order to keep your stopping and going from draining your battery.


Limiting the time that you do not pedal goes a long way toward increasing your e-bike range during times other than when accelerating as well. If you like a break, take it when you are coasting or cruising at a constant speed. Even a small amount of pedaling can help you travel much farther on a single battery charge. You will find that pedaling an electric bike typically requires much less energy on your part than a traditional bike, so assisting while climbing hills and varying speed will conserve battery power without much effort.


Other tips that will help extend your battery life include turning off the cruise control, avoiding riding the brakes, and skipping rough terrain. Common sense can take you a long way. If it would require strenuous pedaling on your part, it uses extensive battery power as well. Coasting, pedaling, and driving conservatively will help you optimize the distance you can go on your e-bike.


When all else fails, you can use old fashioned pedal power when the battery on your e-bike runs down. Those new to electronic bikes aren’t always sure if they can be used in a purely traditional manner, but rest assured that your e-bike can function properly with or without electric power. If you find yourself unexpectedly out of battery power, you can simply pedal your way to a charging station. Most electric bikes are slightly heavier than their traditional counterparts but will operate just like the bikes you’ve had since you first learned to ride.


Don’t let fear of power running out keep you from the great feeling that comes from riding an e-bike. Enjoy the freedom from traffic, closeness to nature, and energy efficiency that you gain when you use an e-bike and leave your car in the garage.

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