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Get Your E-bike Tuned Up for Spring

12 March, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


While the weather is still fighting to warm up, we can look forward to warm days and long bike rides by giving our e-bikes a thorough tune-up. Your e-bike is an investment, and the best way to ensure that it lasts for years and provides a great ride is proper maintenance. Living in an area that experiences large swings in temperature and weather conditions means that our e-bikes require a little bit more attention to keep them in peak condition.


A thorough cleaning is the first step to having your e-bike ready for another great cycling season. A quality cleaner should be used on every surface where road salt, dirt, and debris could potentially reach. The best way to ensure that you reach every spot is to use a small brush on every part of the bike that you can reach, including adjustable parts of your frame such as the seat tube. After cleaning, apply grease on moving parts.


Next, check your brakes. Your pads should hit the metal portion of your tire rim when activated. Look for even wear and both brakes connecting at the same moment for safety and indication of needed adjustments. While you are looking at your brakes, make sure you give your wheels a good once over. Smooth rims free of damage are important for safe cycling and stopping. In this same area, you will want to carefully inspect your tires for indications of friction on sidewalls, uneven wearing on tread, leaks, or other damage. Tires are a relatively cheap and simple repair, so take care of any issues before they become a larger problem.


Work through your gears to ensure that shifting motion is smooth, chains are undamaged and properly greased, and moving parts are operating optimally. If you perceive any issue in the drivetrain of your e-bike, it is best to take it in for a professional inspection and repair as soon as possible. Do not put off repairs until even greater damage or a cycling accident is the result.


Wiring is a vital component of your e-bike. Many modern models have wiring encapsulated within water and air tight framing. Whatever wiring is exposed or accessible should be carefully inspected for good connections and signs of damage. Any dirt, debris, or rust should be carefully cleaned. If wires require replacing, make an appointment with Cit-E-Cycles’ e-bike service department now before warmer weather increases your wait time.


Once your tune-up is complete, go for a test drive to ensure that everything is working properly. Listen for loose rattling noises, test your brakes, and pay close attention that everything is moving smoothly together. Taking care of your tune-up now will have you on the road as soon as the snow clears and the sun comes out.


Prefer to have a professional tune-up to have your e-bike ready for spring? Contact the skilled staff at Cit-E-Cycles for quick, competent service at a reasonable price.

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