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E-Bikes: Riders of All Ages Want to Try It

11 December, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


People who see pedal-assist bicycles for the first time gawk like tourists. It’s easy to forget that bicycles have come a long way since they were first seen in the early nineteenth century. When they first came out, riders were always adult men. It took quite some time for women and children to been seen on them too, and after the middle of the twentieth century almost every youngster we know had a bicycle. Although adults never quit riding them, they gained popularity again as a sport and for exercise starting in the 1970’s.


Well there’s a new bike is in town, and it is here to stay. The power-assist or electric bicycle seems to have taken the world by storm. They can be seen in far-off places like China and India, as well as in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. What’s most impressive is to see people of a variety of ages riding them. Adults are the primary riders, but there are some teenagers who also like the light handling of e-bikes for riding to jobs and enjoying adventure sports in the mountains. In most countries you must be at least 14 years old to ride an electric bicycle on the street.


Younger riders like them for a medley of reasons. There are the city dwellers that are always looking for better, environmentally-friendly, and economical transportation. Some of the populace chooses not to have a car in the city where they live for financial reasons such as high parking rates or low availability of parking at all. There are those who want to bike for exercise and to improve their health. E-bikes can make going up some of those hills so much easier than on a conventional bike. It’s a good choice for those former cyclists or other athletes that still suffer from injuries.


Those who live in suburbia like that the e-bikes are quiet unlike mopeds. They’re reliable and unlike what you would think, quite lighter in weight. The popularity appeals to those in their twenties and thirties who find e-bikes inexpensive to run. They look at them as an avenue to go “bunch riding” with friends and just get out in the great outdoors. When the terrain gets a bit difficult they can switch on the motor to help go uphill and turn it off again when the ground becomes more level. This is also the group that is most likely to do a bike vacation and the e-bike is a great asset to have in unknown areas. Bike riding gives you the advantage of seeing the sights on your terms without being on a tour bus or when the distance to walk is too considerable.


Baby boomers like the e-bikes to ride back and forth to work. They still get some exercise but don’t overdo it or break into sweat on the way to the office as when riding a standard bike. It’s not too strenuous especially who haven’t been on a bike since childhood. They are easy to maneuver and switching from pedaling to power-assist is easy with the controls on the handlebars. For those who do wish to use it for exercising, the versatility is perfect when you are fatigued and wish to use the motor function later on your ride. It is especially beneficial for people who have failing strength and have mobility issues. You can get outdoors and ride your e-bike when walking long distances becomes more difficult.


It seems as if there are a lot of reasons for people of all ages to give in the allure. So let’s not forget the most important reason to purchase an e-bike. For the sheer pleasure of it!

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