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E-Bikes for the Mature Generation

15 November, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


What do you do if you like to ride a bicycle but the knees are a bit stiffer than they used to be? What if you used to be a big cycle enthusiast but you have mobility issues with just walking around town? What if riding an electric bike just looks like fun?


It seems that you have just talked yourself into trying to ride again, but your body has changed and you just don’t know if you are able to do it. Perhaps purchasing an electric powered or “e-bike” is the answer to your renewed interest. The new e-bikes come equipped with a small motor that can take over for your pedaling when you want it to. You can start out pedaling and, when your energy wanes, start the motor with a flick of the control on the handlebars. You can also adjust back to pedaling at any time and move easily between the two options. Newer electric bikes are much different than their older predecessors. They are not big, heavy, and difficult to master. Instead, they are light, even foldable and as easy to ride as your Schwinn from childhood. Nothing complicated about it. Just get on and re-live the pleasure.


Cycling has become extremely popular again, with people of all ages enjoying the sport. It can be beneficial in a myriad of ways. Not only can it become part or all of your regular exercise routine, it can help with people of limited mobility. Now seniors can ride where once they walked with discomfort. They can go farther in their excursions than they could muster these days on foot. The e-bikes are not as strenuous as a regular bicycle, and that can keep you on the seat longer. The health benefits are extensive, such as becoming fitter, improving muscle mass, and increasing weight loss. These advantages are not age related, but all-inclusive for the general population.


So what can happen once you are rediscovering your love of cycling? You suddenly become adventurous and explore more bike-friendly areas of your city. By stretching out a familiar route, you may be able to see things new to you. You can enjoy the great outdoors with all its fresh air and beauty. Making new friends while riding will broaden your horizon as you share ride time and experiences. Other cyclists will show you scenic and enjoyable paths and places which are familiar. You can create a new circle of “biking buddies.” E-bikes open a wide variety of opportunities to mature riders.


The electric bicycle opens up new avenues for people who are willing to try the pedal-assist two wheelers. When you are on uneven or strenuous terrain, just start the motor to get through the more difficult areas you are travelling on. Climbing hills are no longer close to impossible on a bike. The speed is up to you with standard e-bikes being able to do about 25-32 km/h. If you want more speed the higher powered electric bikes can do about 45 km/h. The rechargeable batteries last for an average three to four hour ride for long trips, depending upon riding style. For those who are more mobility-challenged, there are e-bikes with three wheels so that everyone can get out on the road.


Remember to adhere to basic safety rules. Check out what the e-bike rules are for your area and where you are allowed ride them. Wearing a bike helmet is a good habit.


Who said that bike riding should only be in our childhood memories once we have a few decades under our belt? Fun is not just for the young, but for the adventurous of any age. Go ahead, dare to have fun again on an e-bike!

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