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E-bikes on Campus

28 March, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


E-bikes get a lot of attention when people are looking for a way to make their daily commute less stressful and more environmentally friendly. The same benefits that commuters gain from their e-bike can be gained by students on campus who need a quick, efficient way to get from class to class.


Students and faculty alike are beginning to see the appeal of an electric bike for campus life. Of course, students are always looking for cost-saving solutions, and an e-bike requires only a fraction of the investment of an automobile. This is especially true on a college campus where parking is an expensive frustration.


Instead of spending precious moments before class searching for a parking spot that you paid a small fortune for, an e-bike enables you to zip across campus and park with ease. Electric bikes reduce campus traffic, can be easily secured, and take advantage of colleges’ vast network of paths and small streets. If you are in college or have a child getting ready to start their college career, you will be happy that you added an e-bike to the school supply list.


Bicycles have long been the transportation of choice for university students, and e-bike technology only improves their usefulness. The ability to ride in any weather or terrain means that a longer commute or less than favorable conditions do not send you looking for alternative transportation. On large campuses, students may find themselves scurrying to get to class on time from one end of campus to the other. The robust motor on an electric bike can give you the little bit of extra speed that you need.


The barriers on a university campus that make driving so frustrating are no longer a concern when you ride an e-bike instead. Closed roads are easier to detour around, busy parking lots are not your problem, and crawling traffic can be left behind. It is no wonder that the use of e-bikes is rising among college students.


Because of the positive impact that e-bikes have on the campus community and the environment at large, many colleges are encouraging their use by installing charging stations and extended e-bike parking areas. This makes it even easier to choose an electric bike over a vehicle for getting to class.


If you ride a traditional bicycle on campus, you may wonder why you would want to make the switch. Riding a traditional bike is great too, but if you want to arrive at class without the sweat and fatigue an e-bike can help. After all, you already have to worry about studying, carrying around a giant backpack, and getting yourself where you need to be. Do yourself a favor, and don’t show up already sweaty and worn out. A little bit of pedal assistance can go a long way.


Before you hop on your e-bike to ride to class, familiarize yourself with e-bike rules on your college campus. Know where to find secure e-bike parking and charging stations, and be aware of any non-motorized zones. Once you choose an electric bike for getting around campus, you will wonder how you ever did it any other way.

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