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E-bike Technology

18 December, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Technology has come to the e-bike arena with a vengeance. It used to be that you needed a minimum of information about the different brands of electric powered bicycles to make a good personal selection. Technological add-ons at point of purchase or after have increased the quantity of choices. No longer do you just choose a new electric bike for yourself based on speed, size, weight and power. Now you need to look at what else is available technology-wise. There are apps and controllers that can track and plan your excursions, help navigate direct routes to work or ones you wish to explore for enjoyment. There are LCD lights and display options and those that can lock your back wheel and notify the owner by phone of the bike’s theft. Pebble Smartwatch has introduced an app that lets e-bike riders control their Smart Wheel by FlyKly, which also produces a Smart Light for the handlebars of the electric-assist power bikes.


When you want to purchase an electric bike that has multiple technology options, you can be sure the perfect bike is there for you. Some basic online research can help you decide what your preferences are and your Cit-E-cycles representative will do the rest. The information below will give you just a sampling of options and apps. All use smartphone applications to employ communication and technology bridges. These apps and their accessories work like a small computer that can track your rides. They can offer better route suggestions and are compatible with either iOS or Android apps for your smartphone.


Bosch eBike Connect

The Bosch EBike Connect app connects to the Bosch Nyon EBike Computer and can adjust the settings to your preferences. By using your smartphone with this connection it can synchronize, store or edit your riding data on your e-Bike. It has recently corrected problems that were seen in earlier models. It can show you the duration and distance of bike routes with stopovers if needed. Its custom riding modes and screens within the app are smoother and easier to read than ever.


The street and road names with address searches that were once missing are now included and more accurate. Its display of GPS or GPX (GPS Exchange Formats) routes, as well as the input of navigational destinations, is greatly improved. There are even more special features being planned for future release.


EBike app by Emerge-Engineering GmbH

This eBike app turns your phone literally into an onboard computer. It does require an electric vehicle with a “motor-controller” from the manufacturer Emerge-Engineering (such as the Emerge 3000). Showcasing distance, speed and routes, this particular controller does come equipped on various brands of eBikes and eScooters and can be found on high power versions primarily. The Version 2.1 has added support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for driver ease.


iWoc by ebikemotion

The Intelligent Wireless Operative Control app known as “iWoc” comes with a joystick for bicycles that are either standard or electric. It offers an option that is created to be used on e-Bikes with Bluetooth communication capabilities on its “iWoc-One” model. The docking station includes a wired version of the iWoc joystick. The intricate electronics connect an e-bike controller or Bluetooth enabled smartphone to the communication display. There are many options and combinations to please any customer who wants to charge their smartphones or hold and HD camera on their handlebars. The front part of the unit has an LED light that can be used night or day with blinker features. A special version is available for law enforcement e-bikes.


Whether you ride your electric bike as a hobby or for primary transportation, this is just the beginning of what apps can do to improve your ride.

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