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E-Bike Laws You Need to Know

19 October, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


When you buy an e-bike, you will want to understand the laws that affect you and your e-bike. These rules can fall into several different categories, including minimum age requirements, insurance, and bike path riding. To optimize your e-bike riding experience, know the legal requirements and limitations before you buy your e-bike.


The first thing you will want to confirm is that you can ride your e-bike in the locations you plan on doing most of your riding. For example, if you are hoping to improve your daily commute with an electric bike, check into your community’s bike lanes, restrictions on e-bike speeds to use bike paths, and any other regulations specific to your locale that effect electric bikes. If you plan to ride your e-bike on off-road paths, determine whether there are any limitations on using e-bikes on the paths intended for traditional bicycles.


Insurance requirements and options may vary as well. While insurance is likely not required for an e-bike, you may want to purchase optional coverage to protect your investment and cover any damage that results from any accident you may be involved in.


It is important to note that e-bike regulations typically require that the operator be at least 16 years of age. You may find that the rules in your community differ for off-road paths and street riding. Children love the idea of riding an e-bike, but ensure that they will be able to legally ride one before making the investment in an electric bike or you will both wind up disappointed. Keep in mind that these laws are intended to keep children safe. Most modern electric bikes have a top speed of 32 – 45 Kilometers per hour, the speed that cars drive in cities. This is a speed that is simply not safe for younger children.


Today’s electric bikes come equipped for safe riding, in the city or on mountain paths. Some safety features include blinkers, reflectors, headlights, and brake lights. It is still a good idea to read local e-bike regulations to determine if there is any additional equipment that your e-bike needs to be street legal. For example, many communities require helmets for all bike riding, traditional or electric. Other equipment that will not be required but are a great idea to have include a reflective, water resistant jacket and gloves.


Most communities do not require electric bike registration to operate your e-bike, but there are some exceptions. This is another element that you will want to look into before purchasing your e-bike. For those cities that do require registration, the process is similar to when you buy an automobile.


Cit-E-Cyles is happy to help you understand our local e-bike laws and regulations in order to optimize your e-bike experience. Our expert staff will also assist you in choosing an e-bike that best fits your riding habits, equipment needs, and budget. When you are well informed, owning an e-bike is advantageous to your health, the environment, and your emotional well-being. Let us help find the perfect E-bike for you.

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