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E-Bike Accessories and More

22 December, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


There are few necessities that you need to use your e-bike, but what else is there to take full advantage of its capabilities?


For instance, puncture-proof tires are a must, especially if you tend to ride on rough terrain or even on some busy city streets that are covered with glass, debris and who knows what else. For those who use both the standard vehicle and electric powered bicycle on one trip, ease of use and carrying is very important. If you usually drive your car to the area that you wish to cycle in for fun, and then make the longer trip home again back in your car, you will want a bike which has a lighter frame to put in or on your car. It has to be easy to fold out when needed and back up again when taking it home after the bike excursions. You also want a high quality electric bike to get the best riding experience possible. Here are more accessories to research for your electric bike that may prove to be worth the investment.



Having an onboard GPS or an app with a Global Positioning System that can connect to one, is a super add-on that appeals to many electric powered bike riders. Use one once and you will never want to be without it. The app can be on your tablet, phone or even a smart watch and is easily accessible when attached to your handlebars or wrist. Several different kinds of bikes offer GPS as a standard preference for the serious e-bike user. This desirable feature is becoming more of a normal requirement. Many of the apps can also track your bike to an exact location, such as “Helios” which uses a Google Map link.



Beyond the basic GPS apps, you can look for further alternatives that give you greater safety. Some options can alert family members and emergency personnel when there is a severe crash on your e-bike. There are sensors for your bike lock and GPS trackers in case of theft and for personal biking analysis. Use certain apps with your Bluetooth for social e-bike sharing to keep track of distance and the battery wear. It is beneficial when you are loaning it to someone other than a trusted friend or family member.


Some of these options include apps to notify you of a possible theft of your electric bike. There is “The Cricket”, “Mobiloc”, “BikeSpike”, and “Bike Cop” which also lets you file a police report, notify stolen bike registries and your social networks when your bike is stolen, with just a touch of a button. “SpyBike” has a hidden tracking device that can be attached to your electric bicycle and looks like a totally normal part. Two hiding location parts are now available. Some apps use a keyless lock system such as “Lock8”and “BitLock” to keep your electric powered bicycle safe.



Charging systems for smart phones and tablets are also available for your e-bikes, like those made for the “Gi FlyBike”. The charger is a USB port that is between the handlebars. Let’s not forget their bike model which can be plugged into a household socket, making this an enviable option when making our purchase. “”, they maintain that you always have power when you need it while on your electric bike. Just pedal and charge your phone at the same time. This is also becoming a well sought after preference.


Lastly, there are specifically designed lights that range from 6-42 volts to provide premium frontal illumination, and 6 volt taillights as well. These can be added and mounted to your bike with ease.


When you are exploring for new accessories to install on your electric bike, be sure to check out the above options. They can offer added safety and convenience.

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