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Common E-Bike Misconceptions

12 February, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


As e-bikes continue to gain popularity and become an accepted part of daily life, the misconceptions surrounding them are slowly being corrected. Some e-bike myths can be traced back to electric bicycles of the past that people do not realize are no longer true. Other misconceptions exist simply because electric bikes have long been a niche item that the population at large does not have an in-depth understanding of. Today, we are going to clear the air and help you obtain a greater understanding of modern e-bikes.


E-bikes are heavy.

One of the most common concerns we hear regarding electric bikes is how much they weigh. Especially if you will have to store, carry, or transport your e-bike, this is a legitimate concern, but you can rest assured that modern electric bikes are not the heavy clunkers of the 1970s. The newest e-bike models weigh an average of about 60 pounds. If weight is a particular concern, you can invest in a streamlined, lightweight model that could weigh significantly less than average. In fact, there are even dependable e-bike models that can be folded in half for even easier storage and transporting.


E-bikes are dangerous.

Sometimes people assume that electric bikes are more dangerous simply because they have a motor. The opposite is actually true, and e-bikes are extraordinarily safe. Most communities have limitations on e-bike speed for them to be policed by the same laws as traditional bicycles. For this reason, a majority of e-bike models have a top speed of about 32 kilometers per hour. This is fast enough to create a satisfactory commute time as you easily evade rush hour traffic jams. You can also keep your e-bike speed at a level that is comfortably slow. In other ways, electric bikes increase safety by regulating speed and enabling the cyclist to get help when they need it on rough terrain, up hills, or moving from a stop.


E-bikes are expensive.

If you are comparing a new e-bike to a similar quality traditional style bicycle, you will find that the premium paid for pedal assist is not as much as you might have thought. Prices for electric bikes continue to drop as technology improves and sales increase. Entry level e-bikes begin around $1,000, but can cost more depending upon the features you prefer. Your electric bike is an investment that will last for years to come and will save you money each time you ride instead of driving an automobile. The payoff in better health and increased quality of life is priceless.


E-bike use is limited.

There is a smidgen of truth to this one. If you are interested in off-road trails, some paths have rules against electric bikes. This is a rarity, though, and e-bikes generally make cycling more accessible than ever. Consider adults who are not as fit as they used to be or who may not have the strength for a long bike ride. The motor assist of an e-bike reopens the world of cycling to them. By providing assistance to your pedal power, electric bikes encourage exercise while making it possible for everyone to enjoy riding. Some people think E-bikes cannot be ridden in the rain or snow. Set your mind at ease. This one is 100% false. E-bike technology is just as trustworthy as in your automobile. Wiring and currents are tucked safely away, so there is zero risk of shock when you ride in the rain and snow. If you somehow were able to make contact with the current that operates your e-bike, you would find that the wattage is only enough to give you an unpleasant zap, not enough to cause any form of injury.


Has clearing up these misconceptions made you more confident about riding an e-bike? What concerns do you still have? Are there other e-bike myths that you have heard? Share your questions and stories in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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