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Can I Really Use an Electric Bike for My Daily Commute?

17 July, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Can I Really Use an Electric Bike for My Daily Commute?


The idea of riding a bike to work every day sounds idyllic. Trading in the confines of a metal box and stop and go traffic for the fresh air and freedom of an electric bike is tempting. Imagine the stress relief you could enjoy on the way home, not to mention the health benefits of exercising every day, but is it realistic?


Can I really give up my car and ride an e-bike to work?


Commuting by e-bike is a growing phenomenon, especially in larger cities where traffic is a major issue and bike lanes are more common. In some cities, you can actually shorten your commute with an electric bike because you’re not stopped in traffic as much! If you are in one of these situations, where you spend more time in your car stopped than moving, an e-bike may work perfectly for you.


E-bikes can be used as alternatives to automobiles in many situations, your commute to work is just one example. Living in a larger city opens up the possibility of completely replacing auto travel with a commuting e-bike. Some electric bikes have room for passengers and cargo, opening up a wide world of possibilities.


In order to switch to an e-bike for your daily commute, it is essential to choose the bike that is right for you and your commuting situation. Carefully assess what features are important to you, and select an electric bike that will meet your needs. Choosing an e-bike based on price rather than fulfillment of your needs will leave you unsatisfied, and your e-bike may not get used as often as you would have liked.


Consider where your e-bike will be parked when you get to work. Is there a location that is safe for locking it up or will you need a folding variety that you can carry inside with you? Envision each part of your day as you determine what type of e-bike and features you will need.


You will also need to look after your safety. If you normally travel high traffic roads, look for alternative routes. Make sure that your e-bike is equipped with lights, reflectors, and a horn. You may also need to wear bright colors. Many e-bike riders wear a brightly colored protective cape that protects from weather and adds to visibility.


Detrimental weather is one of the main factors that makes new e-bike riders hesitant about depending upon a bike for their daily commute. If you are riding a bike that is equipped to ride through rain, and even snow, it is possible to use your e-bike year round in any climate. Protective clothing will also be necessary but is widely available as motorcycle riders have been using this type of clothing for their road trips for years.


Even if you only ride your e-bike when the weather is fair, you will lower your transportation costs and carbon footprint each time you leave the car at home. The benefits of riding an e-bike are significant whether you use it full time or in addition to automobile travel. Each time you choose your e-bike over your car, you save money, release less air pollution into our atmosphere, and provide yourself with great health benefits.


Some electric bikes are designed especially to optimize an urban commute. With these bikes, you may find yourself riding more than you planned. Some examples of excellent commuting bikes include the Haibike Trekking RX, Stromer ST1 Elite, Easy Motion Evo Cross, and the OHM XU700.


Once you begin commuting on your e-bike, you will not want to turn back. With the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and operating automobiles constantly rising, the era of the e-bike has arrived.

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