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Can E-bikes Really Make a Difference?

07 November, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


One of the most commonly mentioned benefits of riding electronic bikes is their lower impact upon the environment. If you are having a difficult time convincing yourself that an e-bike might be better for your daily commute, you are probably wondering if it can really make that much of a difference. Will it matter if you choose to ride an e-bike to work instead of driving a car?


Yes, it really does.


Statistics can vary on the precise impact of each e-bike as the energy consumption is affected by motor and battery type, riding conditions, and driving style. You can get a good idea of how much you could be saving the earth by looking at some average numbers and shifting them up or down as appropriate for your specific situation.


Most people commute to within 10 miles of their home. Even if your trip to work is a little longer, it is likely still well within the battery power of a recent model e-bike to get you there and back. Typical e-bikes travel around 50 miles per charge, and this distance can be greatly increased by supplementing with your own pedal power.


Assuming that your commute is well within e-bike range, you can start to look at the environmental impact that you could make by substituting your gas guzzling automobile with a sleek and stylish e-bike.


When you enjoy a relaxing ride on your e-bike as you coast past cars stuck in traffic jams, you save our atmosphere from significant amounts of air pollution. According to, 500 miles of e-bike riding keeps 3.42 pounds of hydrocarbons, 25.28 pounds of carbon monoxide, and 1.77 pounds of nitrous oxides from entering the air. This is the air we breathe. Don’t you want it to be cleaner? That’s one single e-bike traveling 500 miles, or 25 round trips to a workplace 10 miles away. Imagine if we all made the switch.


Energy is also saved when you choose an e-bike. This one seems pretty obvious. Of course a big, clunky automobile uses more energy than an e-bike with a single rider. But do you really know how much? That same 500 miles on an e-bike saves approximately 25 gallons of gasoline. This is a resource becoming more scarce and expensive every year.


E-bikes do use some energy in their electric batteries that give them their power. The amount of energy used is highly dependent upon how you ride. Do you use the battery constantly, preferring to sit back and relax? This style clearly wears the battery out earlier and utilizes more energy. However, if you pedal while you ride and rely on your battery to keep your speed steady over hills and in the wind, it can last for miles longer than the first example. On average, according to, an e-bike achieves the equivalent to 1000 miles per gallon of energy. You can compare that to the most fuel efficient model car out there, and it’s just no competition.


The benefits do not only go to our Mother Earth. Your wallet will thank you as well. Besides the purchase price that is thousands of dollars less than any model of new car, your e-bike costs a fraction of the amount to maintain and operate as well. According to the New York Times, people spend an average of $0.71 for every mile that they drive a car. That same mile on an e-bike costs approximately $0.05 or less than 15% of the cost of driving a car.


What are you giving up for all these advantages? Not much. Think about your daily urban commute and the amount of time you spend stopped in traffic or searching for a parking spot. The 20-28 mph capability of late model e-bikes means that you are likely to get there in about the same amount of time with less frustration. Worried about the weather? Check out amazing e-bike models that are built to ride through snow.


You just might be surprised at what you discover when you decide to give e-bikes a chance. Check out top models and discover the best one for your lifestyle. The Earth will thank you.

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