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Why You Should Buy an E-bike Instead of a Conversion Kit

11 September, 2015, 0 Comments, on Uncategorized


Kits that enable you to convert a traditional bicycle to a motorized version are popular for those who want the convenience and energy savings of an e-bike without the expense of purchasing one new. This possibility has some advantages. There is potential for money saving, retaining the use of a beloved traditional bicycle, and trying e-bike riding before fully plunging into a new bike. However, many benefits can be enjoyed from bypassing this option and selecting a quality purpose build electric bike instead.


Save time.


Repurposing a traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle with a conversion kit can be a very time consuming endeavor. The kits vary widely in cost and complexity. Since bicycles also differ in design and size, standard motors must be adjusted and made to fit as well as they can into working with different bikes. You can spend many hours working with these kits and attempting to create a beginner appropriate e-bike, but it will never have the coordinated components and smooth operation of a bicycle built to use electric power.


Save money.


Conversion kits, along with the required tools and other parts required for each individual bike, can cost a substantial amount. As the price of electric bikes becomes more affordable with surges in popularity and increasing supply, purchasing a conversion kit that also requires the use of a traditional bike is becoming less of a cost saving measure. The starting price for a quality purpose built electric bicycle is around $2000 and the starting price of a quality E-bike kit is around $1500 plus installation. When you add in the cost of the bike itself it results in little or no savings over the price of a new e-bike. In the end if you decide that you like your converted bike so much that you would like an e-bike after all, you will have spent twice as much time and money coming to that decision.


Enjoy a better bike.


All of the components of an e-bike are expertly designed to work together. There is no awkwardness of attempting to force a one size fits all motor onto your traditional bike. A comfortable ride and smooth operation are the result of a carefully developed design that has no substitute in conversion kits. Purpose built electric bikes are also more aesthetically pleasing and some even have their battery packs and electrical components hidden entirely into the frame of the bike. This integrated design is not only more pleasing to look at but it also protects the electrical system from the outside elements.


Get support.


Just as you are on your own when making a conversion kit fit your bike, you will also be left troubleshooting if you have a problem later on. The warranty and service team for your new e-bike will ensure that you have the support you need. Whether you simply have questions or your e-bike is in need of repair, you have professional support and peace of mind.


Select the perfect e-bike for you.


Choosing an electric bike conversion kit requires research to find the right one, and you still don’t know how it will ride until you have it installed on your bike. With new e-bikes, you can try it before you buy it. Test drive a wide variety of electric bike models to determine which features you like and which bike feels the best to you out on the open road. Your new e-bike will feel like it was custom built just for you.

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