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Best of Both Worlds

25 October, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


Among those who are not involved in the e-bike industry, there can be some confusion about what exactly an electric bike is. The idea of an electric bike sometimes conjures up visions of a big, bulky bicycle that looks like a small motorcycle. The truth is that modern e-bikes are sleek and stylish, looking much like their traditional bicycle cousins. Light frames, powerful motors, and attractive appearance makes e-bikes the ideal way to commute, ride for leisure, or help a person who cannot ride a traditional bike be part of the cycling community.


Why wouldn’t I just drive my car? There are many reasons that electric bikes combine the benefits of an automobile and a traditional bicycle.


People can be hesitant to choose an e-bike for urban riding because of the convenience of driving a car. The speed and cargo capacity are advantages to driving an automobile. However, much of the draw toward cars is related to the fact that we are just used to them. They are part of the American dream, and we are trained to believe that we should own the largest, most expensive car we can afford. Does that really serve our best interest?


Electric bikes are equipped with a wide variety of features that can meet your specific riding needs. Love the cargo space in your car? You might be surprised at the cargo, and even towing, capacity of new e-bike models. As for speed, e-bikes often have the ability to drive up to 45 kph. For urban driving, your car will not frequently exceed this amount, but will spend a large amount of time stopped in traffic. Many people who choose an e-bike for their commute are pleasantly surprised to find out that their commute time actually decreases on an electric bike rather than in a car.


Not only do e-bikes share some convenient characteristics with automobiles, they have several advantages over them. The cost of purchasing and operating an electric bike is a fraction of what it costs to use any automobile. Save money while you conveniently coast past your coworkers stuck in a traffic jam. Tired of finally arriving at your destination only to circle the block searching for a place to park? Say goodbye to parking problems with an e-bike. Many models can be carried inside, and you can also use a standard bike rack to secure your e-bike while you are at work or running errands.


Electric bikes also have several advantages over traditional bicycles. Hills and headwinds that may pose a problem on a traditional bike are no problem on an e-bike. With a powerful electric motor to regulate your speed and supplement your pedaling, you can easily ride through any weather or rough terrain. By adjusting the amount of assistance you would like, you can customize the amount of exercise you gain from riding your e-bike. You will be able to take longer rides and enjoy participating in your local cycling community with your new electric bike.


One of the greatest things about e-bikes is that they make cycling accessible to those who are not able to ride a traditional bicycle. Older adults are rediscovering cycling and enjoying the great outdoors as they benefit from comfortable, stable e-bike models. Great for physical health and emotional well-being, riding an electric bike is fun and great exercise for these seniors who might not be confident on a traditional bicycle.


With an e-bike you get the convenience, speed, and cargo benefits or a car combined with the enjoyment, health benefits, and cost savings of a traditional bicycle. Get the best of both worlds when you choose the e-bike that best fits your lifestyle.

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