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Best E-bikes for your Money

03 March, 2016, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


The wide variety of e-bike models and prices can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the e-bike world. Deciding which e-bike is right for you should include an evaluation of your lifestyle, riding habits, fitness level, and expected terrain. These models are a good place to start because they are considered good values in the e-bike market. If your budget is tight and you want to make sure you get the most for your money, you cannot go wrong with one of these.

Stromer ST2

Loaded with features and ideal for urban commutes or pleasure trips, the Stromer ST2 is a favorite among e-bike cyclists. It is available in two frame sizes, so that you can customize it for maximum comfort, which is especially important if you have some long road trips planned. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to operate, and you receive free downloadable updates. With a top speed of 28 mph, the Stromer ST2 will cause your car to gather dust in the garage.


Pedego Classic City Commuter

Pedego creates some of the best e-bikes out there. As this one’s name suggests, it is a classic. It is difficult to improve upon this quiet, dependable e-bike that is so streamlined people won’t even notice that it has a motor. You will though as you effortlessly regulate your speed in wind, going up hills, or through the occasional rough terrain.


Izip E3 Path+

The Izip E3 Path+ is a quality bike that goes easy on the wallet. If budget is a top concern in your e-bike search, this is one you will want to test drive. An ideal commuter e-bike with European style, this e-bike is as attractive as it is affordable. Cargo rack and a strong but silent motor are perks that make this bargain e-bike a spectacular value. If you need bang for your buck, start here.


Easy Motion Evo 650B

The Easy Motion Evo 650B offers useful features that make this e-bike a great value. Not only do you gain the confidence of a 5 year warranty that the Easy Motion brand provides, but you enjoy the latest features, including integrated battery for maximum ride time, fast charging, and a motor so well incorporated into the bike design people will not even see it. The LCD display keeps track of any information you might need on your ride and is removable in case you’d rather go without. For commuting or longer trips, this streamlined e-mountain bike is difficult to beat.


OHM Urban XU 700

If you are looking for strong performance from your e-bike, you will love the OHM Urban XU 700. By balancing the comfort of a commuter e-bike with the robust performance of an off road e-bike, OHM has created something unique in this exceptional model. The 500 Watt BionX D series motor will provide enough boost in power to concur enen the steepest of hills. Cargo rack and streamlined design for your commute and Suntour NCX suspension for when you get adventurous are combined to provide a fun balance in the OHM Urban XU 700.


Haibike Xduro FullSeven RX

Looking for an off road e-bike that will last no matter what you put it through? The Xduro FullSeven RX can keep up with you on any path, mountain, or wild terrain. The durability and endurance needed for a serious off road cyclist who demands an e-bike that is as tough as they are is right here in Haibike’s popular machine.

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