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Becoming an E-bike Friendly Community

06 October, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


One way to get the most out of your e-bike is to dedicate some time to making your community e-bike friendly. Taking steps to encourage more cyclists to get out and ride with community amenities designed to keep cyclists safe. Biking groups and activities will help bring your community together in building an e-bike friendly zone.


Publicizing the advantages of e-bikes is an ideal first step to improving the e-bike friendliness of your community. This may be more easily done as a group, so unite with other e-bike enthusiasts in your area to bring public attention to the benefits of e-bikes for commuting, leisurely riding, and going off road. Emphasizing the environmentally friendly aspects of e-bikes versus cars is a good place to start. If you live in a busy urban area, it may be easy to demonstrate how one can commute to work on an e-bike in about the same amount of time for a fraction of the expense and stress and driving a car.


You can also encourage area businesses to be e-bike friendly with outdoor bike racks for customers and entryway notices that cyclists are welcome. Creating a welcoming feeling throughout the city will encourage people to leave the car in the garage and ride as they run errands.


If you have a solid e-biking presence within your community, you will be able to take additional steps at the government level. Lobbying for an increased number of bike lanes on streets, bike racks in public locations, and off road trails will be successful if you speak at public local government events and educate city planners and the public about the benefits of e-bikes.


Encouraging participation in events like Bike Month and Ride Your Bike to Work Week will increase public awareness and encourage city officials to accommodate cyclists. For younger e-bike riders, safe school routes and secure bike parking areas at schools are essential, so you may want to work with school officials as well.


Your goal will be to make e-bikes a part of future city planning. When road construction is planned, bike lanes should be a part of the master plan. If park and public areas are undergoing improvements, e-bike friendly trails should be installed. New street signs can include messages regarding e-bikes and their lanes. The inclusion of e-bikes in city planning will eventually become second nature as e-bikes become an increasing part of your community.


Having group support to encourage, educate, and follow up on e-bike initiatives will be vital to success. Working together to build a safer, more active, and healthier community will help you build your support base as e-bike use increases nationwide and in your local area. If you are not already part of a local cyclist or e-bike group, consider creating a meetup group or gather through any popular local channel in order to unite and improve your city.


Creating an e-bike friendly community is an idea that catches on and attracts attention once a few people care enough to make it a local issue. Families and individuals desire a community that provides opportunities for exercise, recreation, and building community relationships. Sometimes, it just takes one person to spark the initiative to have it catch like wildfire.


Improve the environment, level of health, and unity of your community with an active e-bike presence. Your city can become more e-bike friendly and enjoy the many advantages that go hand in hand with an e-biking community.

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