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5 Reasons to Change Your Mind about E-bikes

08 October, 2015, 0 Comments, on Electric Bikes


If you have looked into e-bikes and decided that they weren’t for you, it may be time to reconsider. E-bike technology is improving rapidly as more cities throughout the world embrace initiatives to make cycling part of the community. The characteristics that you may have found as disadvantages during your last investigation of available electric bikes may no longer be a problem on modern options that are designed to appeal to wide audiences.


1. Get more for your money.


One of the key complaints regarding electric bikes in recent years was their price tag. With the most basic models with the heavy lead acid batteries topping $1,000, people were hesitant to take the plunge. The bike you could get for that bargain basement price was unlikely to be the best e-bike for you, which meant that you really needed to spend more.


Today’s entry level e-bikes are still priced over $1,000, but you are getting a lot more for your money. A purpose built electric bike with quality lithium batteries is an investment that you will benefit from for years to come. You also need to compare it to the cost of a top quality traditional bike, which can indeed cost $1,000 or more as well. As companies strive to make attractive, feature packed electric bikes for less and less, joining the e-bike club keeps getting easier.


2. Enjoy stylish contemporary design.


Forget the heavy, clunky, awkward looking e-bikes that you may have tried before. Today’s models are streamlined, light, and sleek. Sometimes they look so much like traditional bikes that people take a second look. Wires are tucked away inside frames, and batteries and motors are smaller and better camouflaged. Modern e-bikes have style that attracts attention in a good way, and you will be proud to be seen on one.


3. Benefit from convenient features.


Whatever you were missing on e-bikes the last time you looked….look again. The features that you can find on electric bikes today ensure that there is one out there for everyone. Bikes that fold, drive through snow, or have extended range for road trips are easy to find at reasonable prices. Equip yours with a cargo rack, speakers, smart phone case, or pet trailer. There is almost no limit to what you can do with the innovative features and accessories that are now available on your next e-bike.


4. Environmental benefits keep increasing.


People are seeing a difference. Cities that have embraced cycling are seeing reduced traffic and air pollution. Electric bike owners are recognizing amazing cost savings when they leave their car at home. The health benefits of pedaling are evident. European and Asian cities that have widely adopted electric bikes have demonstrated the savings and green qualities of making the change, and people around the world are taking note.


5. Ride, even if you thought you never could.


One of the best features of e-bikes is that they make it possible for those who thought they couldn’t ride a bike to get out there with their friends and family. Those who experience mobility challenges that make traditional bikes not an option, may use the pedal assistance on an e-bike and join in the fun.


Most E-bikes do still require pedaling, so health benefits exist, even when you have the help you need from the motor to get going up the hills or to regulate your speed. While some critics claim that the exercise is not as intense, for those who would not be able to ride otherwise, the choice is clear.

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